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Life has been really expensive lately. Evan had an unexpected car repair, the trip to DC for my conference wasn’t cheap, and family and friends are getting married and having babies at an alarming rate, which means that gifts must be purchased and trips must be made. And things don’t look like they will be slowing up. Next year, we have two weddings coming up (so far), both of which involve pretty hefty travel expenses. Travel is one of the few things I am totally ok with spending money on, but it still adds up.

We’ve been pretty good about trying to make the most of our money and saving. We recently got a cash rewards card that we use exclusively on the high rewards items, like groceries and gas, and pay off at the end of every month, and those rewards go straight into our savings. We eat in most of the time, and neither Evan nor I ever go out to lunch for the most part. We’re going on our first date in months on Friday, and we’re going to the movies because we have a gift card to a local theatre that his mother gave us.

However, because we’re house hunting at the same time as all of these other things, I’m trying to figure out other ways we can save money.  One thing we’ve considered is getting rid of cable. Most of the shows we watch are on Hulu or Netflix, or otherwise available through apps, and we watch them on DVR anyway. This summer, we’ve hardly watched tv at all, other than Friends and Modern Family re-runs when I can’t sleep. Evan is still hesitant because we haven’t devised a good way to watch sports aside from going out to bars for every game (which come basketball season could get exhausting).

So.  Surely someone on Tumblr must have cut the cable cord. What did you do instead? What did you think of it? Any suggestions?

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"You have to be kind of intentional about friendships as you get older, because people drift apart so easily with their own lives or families or just physical distance. The friendships you want to maintain, you really have to protect—not just by commenting on their Twitter feed but by actually, like, inviting them over,” she says, laughing. “[You can’t just say] ‘Dude, I liked all of your Instagram photos, so we’re best friends, right? Why didn’t you invite me to your wedding? Every meal you’ve eaten I’ve commented on!"

Carrie Brownstein, Bust Magazine, Aug/Sept 2014

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WHEW!  I’ve been in DC since Wednesday for the Society of American Archivists annual meeting.  It was a whirlwind of sessions, reconnecting with old friends and colleagues, networking events, fun presentations, and ended with a huge, lovely reception at the Library of Congress (where I got to meet missshirley face-to-face!).  I then went directly to the bachelorette party of one of my dearest friends, Jackie, who was the maid of honor in my wedding..  I am back at work, totally exhausted, and simultaneously re-invigorated by the ideas I heard at SAA. Mostly exhuasted.  I need a nap.

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Last night, I found out about Robin Williams’s death as I was just coming out of a migraine haze.  Evan and I just kind of sat there in shock until we both started to cry. I’m not the type that cries over celebrity deaths much—I think the last time was when Charles Schultz died—and I can count on one hand the times I’ve seen my husband cry at all in the time we’ve known each other. But Robin Williams was special…for people of my age group, I think he may have been one of the first celebrities whose name we knew, and I think he guided some of us more than he ever knew.

Evan did voice acting in college, and he hold me that the entire reason he started learning to do voices and accents was because of Robin Williams.  When I was young, before I started acting (so I was younger than 7), my dream was to be a stand-up comedian, so that I could make people laugh and be happy like my parents and I were after watching his movies. I watched Dead Poets Society all through college and grad school when I got depressed over how pointless slaving away on papers that no one but other English scholars would ever read or find useful. The man was a legend, but he also had a deeply personal status to the people who enjoyed his work, because of the humor and vulnerability he allowed himself as an actor and human. If my social media feeds are any indication, everyone has been touched by him in some way.  I like to think that he is in heaven, looking down and seeing us all standing on our desks like in the last scene of Dead Poet’s Society.

I pray that he has found peace, and that his family finds comfort in this terrible time.  If you are considering suicide, PLEASE reach out for help.  You can call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255, or go to www.imalive.org if you are not somewhere where you can be on the phone.

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I am ashamed to say, I have no pictures from this weekend.  To be honest, you all probably would have been bored to tears had I taken pictures of my weekend anyway, because 90% of them would have been of grey weather, copious mugs of warm beverages, and a thousand loads of laundry in anticipation of SAA and Jackie’s bachelorette party in DC this week.  

There were, however, some pretty cool goings on.  From least to most interesting, we ate at Merritt’s for the first time (WHAT KIND OF TOMATOES DO THEY USE???), saw Grand Budapest Hotel (loved it), bought a new fancy camera as our joint birthday present from Evan’s mom (so you can expect fancy photos soon, I hope!), and…

Met with a realtor! That’s right, we are considering purchasing a home. We say considering because while we would love to own, and think that we can handle the responsibility, we are aware that this is a huge investment and we are ok with renting until the right house comes along. Until then, we house hunt and keep praying for the right house to come our way. It’s incredibly exciting and, I’m not going to lie, a little terrifying. But we’re thrilled to be taking one more step into the life we want for our family, no matter how small.

Now accepting good vibes and prayers sent our way!

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Ok, I promise, I’m alive!  Things have been super busy, and so sitting down to my computer outside of work has been something I just haven’t wanted to do!  Things that have happened since my last real/non-Instagram post:

  1. Got my first recipe published on Chapelboro.com.  It is a recipe for watermelon and heirloom tomato salad with feta.  It’s pretty basic but so delicious and really beautiful.  My editor actually liked it so much, he’s asked me to make it a regular column, which I totally am, and I have two more recipes on deck.
  2. Turned 29.  My actual birthday was really lovely…Evan made me breakfast in bed, I spent the morning doing research and dorking out at the Rubenstein Library, and had a really lovely dinner at Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe (they even had my favorite eggplant curry as a special and GF gulab jamun, so I was in heaven)
  3. Took a day off on Friday to celebrate my birthday.  It was really nice to have a quiet day to myself, and I took total advantage of it, including a nice quiet coffee alone at Open Eye Cafe, a trip to Sephora, and an afternoon spent at the Ackland Art Museum.
  4. Birthday party with the friend-family on Saturday, including jennay-with-an-i and essequamvideriunc, homemade peach lavender ice cream, burgers, a metric ton of pimento cheese, and a really tasty GF birthday cake that Evan found at Whole Paycheck.
  5. Family trip to the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, which thoroughly tuckered Dacs out and made me super happy.
  6. Applied for another job I’m very enthusiastic about.  I would really appreciate any and all prayers and good vibes, since I’m pretty sure they have begun the review process.
  7. Still loving dance classes at Ninth Street Dance in Durham.  Modern is going really well, and I took a makeup ballet barre with a really awesome, sweet teacher on Monday.  Would be loving it more if I hadn’t strained a hamstring on Wednesday, but it’s all part of the art form, so I’ll take it.

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Sunday stroll! #100happydays #dacs #havaneseofinstagram  (at Sarah P. Duke Gardens)

Sunday stroll! #100happydays #dacs #havaneseofinstagram (at Sarah P. Duke Gardens)

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Fantastic way to spend a rainy afternoon! #100happydays  (at Ackland Art Museum)

Fantastic way to spend a rainy afternoon! #100happydays (at Ackland Art Museum)